PayPal Payment Center 

Welcome to the online payment center for A Dancers Pointe.

Tuition / Costume Fees

For people wishing to use a credit card to pay for tuition or costume fees you can use this Paypal service to avoid late fees.


Note: You can still pay by cash or check at the studio as normal to avoid the 4% credit surcharge. The 4% covers transaction fees.


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  1. Enter the family name in the text box

  2. Click Pay Now, it will open the Paypal payment page.

  3. Enter in the payment you want to make. 

  4. Click the update button after you have entered the payment amount.

  5. It will show the payment plus a 4% Tax added to cover credit card fees. This has been added for your convenience so you dont have to calculate it yourself.

  6. Complete payment by logging in to your Paypal acct or using your debit card/credit card.

Pay for everything else

For non-tuition related items please use this button and describe what you are paying for.


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