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A Dancers Pointe opened its Music and Vocal lesson studio in April 2017. Below are instructor profiles. If you wish to get lessons contact them directly and set up your lesson.

Ms. Angie Fulton - Voice (760) 900-2957

Miss Angie has been teaching private and group voice lessons for 17 years. She worked at A Dancer's Pointe as a vocal teacher from 2000-2011.

During those years, she also assisted with Youth Aglow, and volunteered her time as the chorus teacher at Rio Vista Elementary School.

Miss Angie has sung in various choirs since elementary school, and was in Apple Valley High School Sunsations. She performed in many musicals while attending college, including playing the lead role of Sandy in Grease.

Miss Angie places emphasis on the following with each of her students:

  • Proper vocal technique

  • How to handle a microphone for performance

  • Choosing the right song for your voice.

Lessons will include vocal warm ups, and song practice for future performances.

Mr. Danny Graham - Guitar (760) 221-7080

From the age of 10, Danny Graham has been playing guitar. Along the way learning electric bass and several other string instruments. For nearly 10 years now, Danny has been playing guitar and bass in front of audiences large and small, from local shows to European tours.

When Danny isn't on the road, he is in the studio writing, recording and producing original work, or teaming up with other artists as a guest musician or lending technical expertise to their recording process.

Danny's lessons will include:

  • Fundamental guitar techniques

  • Strumming patterns, chords and scales

  • Full songs by artists that the student is interested in

Mr. Marshall McKoy - Drums (760) 792-3375

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