A Dancers Pointe is Reopening for In Person Classes!!!!

We are so excited to announce that we will be welcoming back in person dance classes starting Monday, June 15th! With that in mind, we will be implementing safety measures for our parents and dancers. Please adhere to these rules to make sure everyone is safe and secure.
***Dancers are asked to stay in their car when they arrive until no sooner than five minutes prior to their class time, to allow the previous class to exit. If your class is in Studio A, please enter through the double glass doors in the front of the studio. Studio B dancers will enter through the rear entry of Studio B. Studio D dancers will enter through the front gate while Studio C will enter through the back gate. All dancers will have a no contact temperature check prior to starting dance classes for the day. Dancers entering and exiting classes will be required to wear a mask. ONCE IN THEIR DANCE ROOM, THEY MAY REMOVE THEIR MASKS.
*** DO NOT JUST DROP OFF YOUR CHILD! Find a parking spot and wait until they are cleared to enter the room. Your child will be sent back to your car if their temperature exceeds 100.4 degrees and also if they do not have a mask.
******Upon returning to class, the week of the 15th, we are requiring that all parents sign a release waiver. Each dancer must have their own in hand. Dancers will not be able to participate with in person dance classes until the attached waiver form is signed and returned directly to their 1st teacher. The first day of classes, dancers will receive a wristband upon submission of waiver. This wristband is to be worn throughout the week as we update our list of waiver collections. If a dancer does take off their wristband they will be asked to wait outside until we can verify that a waiver has been signed. Please take the time to print this waiver as there will NOT be any available at the studio the evening of classes. *** NEW*** If you do not have a printer at home, there now is a box secured to the front gate with copies, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY OF CLASS TO PICK ONE UP FOR YOUR DANCER, We are trying our best to keep SD guidelines for everyone !
*****If at any time your dancer or someone in your family is showing signs of illness or not feeling well, we ask that your child participate in Zoom classes for the evening.......If there is travel outside of the area(example: into crowed non SD places) , please refrain from in person classes for two weeks, per the government guidelines, (PLEASE USE YOUR PERSONAL JUDGEMENT IN THIS MATTER, FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL) Dancers can continue to practice their skills via Zoom classes.
Dancers will be reminded throughout classes to keep distant from one another and to wash hands frequently, and use hand sanitizer stations. Each class will end fifteen minutes early for now, so the teachers can clean and sanitizer the room prior to their next class and allow time for our teachers to walk the class to the parent pickup area. Our studio will continue to be cleaned thoroughly, during the day, throughout the week for the safety of our dancers, staff, and families.
*****All lobbies will be closed to families. There will be a payment line outside the office and there is also a security mailbox that you may drop your check into without coming into the office. Paypal will still be available online. Starting July, PayPal goes back to the normal fee charges, as will late fee's be assessed as before. As always, if your families work schedule is not back to normal, and you still need assistance, please leave a note for me, and I will contact you personally. We ask that all parents are masked as office staff will be. Please remind your dancer that there will be no snacks available for purchase at this time. The courtyard will be open for social distancing sitting and Perks, the coffee shop next door, is also open to the public.
***** KEEP AN EYE ON THE CLOCK>>>>>>It is very important, that dancers are picked up on time after their last class as the dancers will be exiting immediately after class. Please take note of your dancers’ final exit area, as it may be different than their entrance for just a few. DO NOT text or ask your dancer to exit a different location. If your dancer has a break between classes, we ask that you are available to have them sit in the car with you and if not possible, they may sit in the courtyard.
For those not comfortable returning to in person classes yet, our teachers will be continuing to provide Zoom classes during regular class times, codes will change each month as before.
As more restrictions are lifted from the state, we will be continuing to update our standards and guidelines. Please be sure to follow our Facebook page and to check in regularly. While we understand these new restrictions can be difficult for our dancers, we ask that you remind them that they are implemented for their safety and others safety. We cannot wait to see our dancers and families!
Mrs. Linda

Online Classroom

Thank you SO much to our teachers for coming to the studio in these crazy times to record these videos for your dancers!  As you can see we have personal videos for each of our classes.   Make sure your dancer watches the videos and takes the time to pause the video when necessary to practice.  You can even watch them more than once.  Make sure to be on the look out next week for all new videos from our amazing teachers.  


At the time we have almost all the videos available to watch.  We are working on the last three and hope to have them up by the end of the evening.  Please be patient as this is a time consuming process.


To access the videos you will need to download a google classroom app.  (Most AVUSD students should already have one)  It is a free app and you would just add the code for your child's dance class.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have, via Facebook, and we will help you as best as we can.


Thank you

Mrs. Linda


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