Studio Policies
Payment Policy:

Tuition is payable the first week of the month. Tuition payments must be received by the 10th. A late fee of $15.00 will be applied if payment is received on the 11th or later. NO EXCEPTIONS. Payments can be mailed or slipped through the door after hours.



Dance attire MUST be worn to participate in class. No pants or shorts or T-Shirts are allowed in ballet classes. No jeans or board shorts are allowed in any class.



The fees are based on a four-week schedule. When a month contains 5 weeks, the fifth class is given at no additional fee. Due to this policy, when on occasion a holiday does fall on a regularly-scheduled class, the fees for these classes are not pro-rated. A studio calendar will be posted with all holidays.


Class Size:

If any class, after a period of 3 months, has 5 or less on attendance roster, class will be cancelled.



Classes can be made up. Please check with your instructor for class schedule. If you miss an entire month or more, you are required to pay regular tuition for that month or months missed. Also private lessons may be required to catch up on any missed technique or routines.


If you have any questions regarding these policies please contact Pam or Linda.