Call Times

Sept  17th         Recital   1pm     Call time:  12:00        Sept. 17th      Recital  6pm      Call time :  5:00


Sept. 18th       Recital  1pm     Call time : 12:00        Sept.  18th     Recital  6pm      Call time :  5:00



We are so excited to be able to return to VVC for our September recital!! With that in mind, we were not anticipating the massive increase in rental fees from 2019, our last recital at this location, to now.  We have worked hard not to increase the ticket price for a number of years but unfortunately due to the reduction of the recital fee and the additional fees, we will have to increase our ticket fees to $18 a ticket.

There are still plenty of opportunities available to assist backstage.  Those that are able to will receive one ticket for any show of their choosing. Signup sheets are available in the office and the lobby of Studio C.


Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to four amazing shows,


Recital Tickets

Beginning August 15th, all tickets will be available.

As we finalize our season at this time, no tickets can be sold unless your account is closed for the season. Tickets are available at the studio until Sep. 9th.  Tickets are $18.00 each.

Children 2 and older must have a ticket, per college policy.

Also, you must prepay for any tickets you would like held at the box office.

Shows do sell out, get your tickets early!

Other Recital Information


Dress Rehearsal:

Sept 14th – 15th – 16th    STUDIO CLOSED  FOR  REHEARSALS

New this season for recital!!

We will be doing rehearsals at VVC only on Wednesday and Thursday, September 14th and 15th.  This WILL NOT be a "dress rehearsal" (NO COSTUMES), so please bring your dancers in a black leotard, leggings, with all their necessary dance shoes and their hair pulled back. If your dancer is performing in a Polynesian dance, please have them bring their implements.


 Dancers will be able to bring water only as they will be sitting, a short time, in the theater audience while they are waiting to perform.  Please feed your dancer prior as THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD ALLLOWED in the auditorium.  


Dancers will be dropped off at the entrance of the theater lobby (the front of the theater)


Dancers will be picked up in the back hallway. (double doors next to the box office closet to the parking lot)



If your dancer is performing on Saturday at 1pm please have them arrive at VVC by 4pm sharp on Wednesday, September 14th.  


If your dancer is performing on Saturday at 6pm please have them arrive at VVC by 6pm sharp on Wednesday, September 14th.




If your dancer is performing on Sunday at 1pm please have them arrive at VVC by 4pm sharp on Thursday, September 15th.    


If your dancer is performing on Sunday at 6pm please have them arrive at VVC by 6pm sharp on Thursday, September 15th.   


Black levels will be running a rehearsal on Friday, September 16th at 7pm, in Studio D. 


As there are no costume changes, backstage moms will contact each parent as the dancers are on stage for their last number.  This will shorten the amount of time that they will be at the theater.  We are not able to predict the time schedule at this time but anticipate that the classes will be released expeditiously.  



Costumes will be handed out the week of August  15th .  Your account must be current (August tuition, costume and recital fee, any past due fees ) in order for your dancer to receive his/her costume.



Group & individual pictures will be taken August 27th and 28th at the dance studio.  All families will fill out a dancer form. There is no sitting fee at picture time. Day of sale specials are always a great buy, and pictures will be available to purchase later online!  Check out the posted time schedule. Please come at least 20 min. earlier than your designated time. We only wait 15 min past scheduled “group” time.             


You may dress here, as the front studio will be a designated dressing room, If dad has to bring their dancer, we will escort the dancer into the dressing room and have a class mom assist them. Friend pictures can be taken if authorized & pd by a parent.  

The studio receives a copy of the group photos, and appreciates having all dancers in them, for memory sake.  It is also kind to anyone who will be purchasing a group photo to have all their dance friends in it! NEW THIS YEAR….Due to adjustments having to be made regarding rehearsals, picture day will be when we do a costume check too!  Come with hair as listed for show!             

Something Special:

For your dancer, all commemorative DVDs and T-Shirts, as well Good Luck Charms can be purchased at the front desk. 


Parent Checklist

Parents, this checklist is a valuable resource in preparing your dancers for their big performances.

Download by clicking the pdf icon.