RECITAL 2019 -  September 28-29




Call Times

Sept  28th         Recital  1pm   Call time:  12pm

Sept. 28th         Recital  6pm   Call time :   5pm

Sept. 29th         Recital  1pm   Call time : 12pm  

Sept. 29th         Recital  6pm   Call time :  5pm



Beginning August 19, all tickets will be available at the studio.

No tickets will be given out unless all tuition, costume and recital fees have been paid (including Septembers tuition).Tickets are available at the studio until Sep. 20th.


We are not responsible for any recital fee tickets not picked up after dress rehearsal.


Additional tickets are $14.00 each. Children 2 and older must have a ticket, per college policy. No assigned seats. Also, you must prepay for any tickets held at the box office.


Shows do sell out, get your tickets early! 


Dress Rehearsal Information

Dress Rehearsal Week - Studio CLOSED!


Sept. 23rd      Dress Rehearsal  4-9pm     For: (Sat. 1pm Show)

Sept. 24th      Dress Rehearsal  4-9pm     For: (Sat. 6pm Show)

Sept. 25th      Dress Rehearsal  4-9pm     For: (Sun 1pm Show)

Sept. 26th      Dress Rehearsal  4-9pm     For: (Sun 6pm Show)


Parent Checklist

Parents, this checklist is a valuable resource in preparing your dancers for their big performances.

Download by clicking the pdf icon.

Click to Download

Parent Dance - The Hop


Check out Bulletin Boards for Sign Up sheet!
Practice Dates

Wednesday 8/28:         7:30pm-8:30pm

Friday 9/13:                  6:30pm-8:00pm

Saturday 9/14:             4:30pm-6:00pm

Saturday 9/21:             4:00pm-4:30pm  Show 1

                                        4:30pm-5:00pm  Show 2

                                        5:00pm-5:30pm  Show 3

                                        5:30pm-6:00pm  Show 4


Other Recital Information



Costumes will be handed out the week of Aug. 12th. 

 Your account must be current

(August tuition, costume and recital fee)

in order for your dancer to receive his/her costume.

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