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Call Times

Call Times

Dress Rehearsal:

Sept 11th Dress Rehearsal 4-9pm For: Sat 1pm Show

Sept 12th Dress Rehearsal 5-9pm For: Sat 6pm Show

Sept 13th Dress Rehearsal 4-9pm For: Sun 1pm Show

Sept 14th Dress Rehearsal 5-9pm For: Sun 6pm Show

*Please be on time – we cannot delay practice for late arrivals.


Reminder: Dancers will not be wearing their recital costumes at Dress Rehearsal. Color level dancers will wear their specific color leotard for Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Contp. Pre Ballets/Pre Teen + All young combination classes will wear your normal leotards/tights that you wear to class. HipHop dancers may come in a t-shirt and leggings. Purple & Black Level Dancers will rehearse on Wednesday 9/13. Opening Number will be rehearsed on Wednesday 9/13 only, dancers not on that specific rehearsal day may leave after the practice.


Recital Call Times:

Sept 16th Recital 1:00 Call-Time 12:00  Sept 16th Recital 6:00 Call -Time 5:00

Sept 17th Recital 1:00 Call-Time 12:00  Sept 17th Recital 6:00 Call Time 5:00



Dress Rehearsal:

Beginning August 14th, all tickets will be available to be purchased at the studio. As we finalize our season at this time, no tickets can be sold unless your account it up to date and closed for the season. Tickets are $18 in each and can be purchased in our main office.


Tickets are assigned seating and first come first serve. Children 2 and older must have a ticket, per college policy.

Other Recital Information

Other Info

Recital commemorative t-shirts are available for pre order in the office for $15 apiece.

All 2023 commemorative DVDs will be emailed out in October.

Picture weekend is Aug 26th & 27th. Please refer to the posted schedule for your dancers call time. Please arrive to studio A with your dancer 15-20min early. All dancers must come with hair and makeup done.

Parent check

Parent Checklist

Parents, this checklist is a valuable resource in preparing your dancers for their big performances.

Download by clicking the pdf icon.

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